Research at the Learning and Development Lab is made possible by students and families in the Georgetown and greater DC Metro areas who volunteer to participate in our studies. If you are interested in participating in our research, contact us at (202) 687-2058 or email

About Adult Studies

Adults who participate in our studies must be 18 years or older. Our adult studies take place in Building D on the Georgetown University Medical Campus. If you are interested in participating, email to find out more about our current studies and schedule an appointment.

About Child Studies

Children who participate in our studies are between the ages of 3 and 12. If you and your child are interesting in participating, you can give us a call at (202) 687-2058, email us at, or sign-up online by filling out our web form (new window). Information about the current studies we are conducting with children can be found on our Research page.

About Joining our Lab

Interested in getting undergraduate research experience? Email to find out if we are currently hiring undergraduate research assistants.

To Visit

We are located in Building D on the Georgetown University Medical Campus, on the first floor. To find our office, enter Building D from Entrance 3, off of Reservoir Road, and go through both sets of glass doors. Walk straight down the hallway into the atrium and then turn right. The door to suite 145 will be on your left in this hallway.