Shashwati Geed, P.T., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, GUMC
Research Scientist, MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

Dr. Geed is Co-Investigator on project R2 of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC-DC) at the Catholic University of America, Washington DC. She is also the trial statistician for Rehabilitation Research Training Center at the MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital.

Dr. Geed’s research focuses on upper extremity motor recovery post stroke. Specifically, she examines how inhibitory networks in the brain affect motor function in typical aging and in individuals recovering from stroke. A long-term goal of this work is to use mechanisms of critical period neuroplasticity, typically observed in the developing brain, towards motor function restoration after stroke. She uses a variety of techniques including EEG, TMS, tACS/tDCS, EMGs, accelerometry, and force sensors to measure brain function and behavior in her lab.

A second research interest is to improve stroke rehabilitation trial methods by optimizing how we measure and statistically model change in motor impairment over time in neurorehabilitation clinical trials.

Education & Training
PhD, Kinesiology (Motor control, Neuroscience), University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoctoral Fellowship, MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital and Georgetown University

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