Alexander Dromerick, M.D.

VP for Research, Vice Chair of Rehab Medicine

Alexander Dromerick, MD

Dr. Dromerick is a neurologist and rehabilitation physician who focuses his clinical and research activities on brain recovery and restoration of motor function after stroke, traumatic brain injury, and limb loss. He is Co-Principal Investigator of the NINDS-funded I-CARE trial, a Phase III trial to improve arm recovery after stroke. He is co-Principal Investigator of the NINDS-funded PROTECT DC Phase II clinical trial, aimed at reducing recurrent stroke in urban underserved individuals. His studies to improve prosthetic arm function in Veterans are funded by the Veterans Administration, and studies in methods to improve the battlefield screening for traumatic brain injury are funded by the Department of Defense.

Dr. Dromerick, has received numerous awards including: the Kenneth Viste Award for Neurorehabilitation, the Georgetown University/National Rehabilitation Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program Teaching Award, the Washington University Clinical Teacher of the Year, the Washington University Neurology Residency Program Teacher of the Year (Eliason Teaching Award), the Washington University Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program Teacher of the Year, 2000 and the Award for Humaneness in Medicine from the Philadelphia County Medical Society

Dr. Dromerick runs the Neuroscience Research Center at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, which studies stroke outcomes and recovery, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and the impact of cardiovascular disease across the spectrum of neurologic disabilities.

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